i’m coming home probably tomorrow. 

shit hit the fan. 

I love you guys

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coming home early from Cambodia 

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Anonymous asked: Are you still taken?


Yeah this is week 8 of being kidnapped but it hasn’t been too bad, the trunk is roomy

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Melbourne protest for Gaza, July 19. 2014.

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Anonymous asked: Nothing's wrong with you, it's okay to not be happy all the time! It's not about forcing happiness, it's about not letting sadness win. Thank you for existing<3 you make me happy.


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Anonymous asked: I hope that you overcome whatever you are struggling with at the moment. In the meanwhile, I send you a big hug <3

see the thing is other than really really really wanting to cut i’m absolutely fine. 

thank you for your kind words. I’m headed to bed, and I promise there will be no cutting tonight.


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